Space Fantasy Backgrounds

Space Fantasy Backgrounds 
These ideas were crowd-sourced HERE with aid from:

+Chris P. +Harald Wagener +Reece Carter +Andrew Y. +Reginald Mc Reynolds 

For use with any Space-fantasy game, a list of 64 archetypes or backgrounds. Entries are listed by title / trait / additional gear.
Just roll 2 D8s!

Roll d88:
11. Space Lawman / always gets his mark / robotic horse and laser sixshooters
12. Displaced Whately Family Member / disgusting character and horrid unibrow / a dangerously flawed copy of the Necromomicon and your degenerate sibling sealed in a can
13. Big-eared space merchant / greedy but shrewd negotiator / Ross Perot Fan Club card
14. Hairy Sasquatch bodyguard / 'RRRAARGGH"  ( only speaks in animalistic screams, but is seemingly still understood) / a big honkin' laser cannon and gun-belt
15. Moon dwelling club owner / smuggler / freeze dried chihuahua (a small but vicious dog)
16. Clone of a jazz musician / clone blues / trophy signifying the worst use of a trope pun ever
17. Clone of a clone of a.../ wonky and wicked / a picture of a photograph
18. Mad gnome tinkerer / eccentric genius with a few random obsessions / a toolkit of various bits and bobs
21. Space samurai or knight / follows a code of honor / an heirloom sword made of stronger-than-titanium metal
22. Grown-up Former Boy Genius / brilliant but lazy and neurotic / doctoral degree of dubious quality and decaying corporate empire
23. Tech-worshipping Ubersoldier / "I AM THE LAW!" / BFG 3000 and a pair of shades
24. Bounty hunter / badass professionalism but secret Achilles' heel / power suit and laser blaster
25. Sagely psychic warrior / views passion as weakness / energy sword
26. Unethical smuggler / jerkass with a (secret) heart of gold / space vessel
27. Psionic Dark Overlord / preaches embracing negative emotions in private but pretends to be an altruistic government official in public / anachronistic dark robes
28. Gluttonous, obese alien crimelord / hedonistic but shrewd / CHOOSE: a flying platform OR mechanical legs OR a set of chains to keep slaves in line
31. Wimpy communications droid / Nervous Nelly / built-in polyglot language module
32. Multitool droid that appears as a garbage can on legs / Communicates via snarky beeps and boops / built in tools such as razor saw and laser welder
33. Self-rescuing Princess / tough, foul-mouthed / disguise kit
34. Former galactic herald / regretful about the past / hover board
35. Color-coded ring-bearer / Strong ideals / Cosmic ring that manifests power in all one color
36. Menacing space dictator / Obsession or love affair with vague cosmic entity or force / gauntlets of power
37. Cloned flunky / can't hit the broad side of a barn / white armored uniform and energy rifle not proficient in
38. Unnamed subordinate / highly disposable / red shirt
41. Musclebound outlander hero / Always appears just in the nick of time / Mystical sword to transform back into innocuous civilian
42. Mineral Rhinoceros / surprisingly gentle / many rocks to shoot out its horn
43. Brain in a bulky artificial body / trademark annoying laugh / laser blaster and hover chair
44. Invertebrate medical doctor / creative ideas of human anatomy / a scalpel, hacksaw, and medical bag
45. Intelligent ooze being / Makes hilarious semi-human grunting noises / A smaller buddy of its kind
46. Diminutive alien wizard / Comedic incompetency / Hat that always overshadows face and a jawa-lookalike costume
47. Cat-Ninja / cheerfully vengeful / black suit and starlight knife
48. Swashbuckling Space Captain / Acrobatic and a smile so shiny it makes a "plink" sound / a fancy sword and hat
51. Burly hippo-man / Speaks in a surprisingly good British accent / guns, guns, and more guns
52. Cat-eating next-door neighbor from space / smarmy attitude / TV remote control
53. Comedic relief blue monkey / insufferably annoying / attempt-at-cutesy jumpsuit
54. Cargo hauler / put your back into it / exo suit for lifting
55. Tentacled Alien / Just wants a hug / many tentacles.
56. Red-blooded earthman / arrogant / leather vest (no shirt)
57. Scientist / over-prepared / scanalyzer unit
58. Pointy-eared pacifist / trustworthy / portable communications array
61. Metal man / infallibly logical / rocket feet and heat-ray eyes
62. Solar crusader / self-righteous / plasma sword
63. Alien savage / brute strength / pouch of alien herbs and iron club
64. Green-skinned incubus / irresistibly attractive / fans and veils (for sexy dancing)
65. Space Dandy / dumb luck / fashionable jacket and boots
66. Gunslinger / true grit / blaster and a great hat
67. Earth Animal / incredibly smart / wired into a computer
68. Military Advisor / shrewd tactitian / Impressive Uniform, Tool Watch
71. Space Ranger / dashingly fearless / K9 Robot Companion
72. Grey Alien / dangerously intelligent / Telepathy Pendant
73. Laser Princess / defiantly independent / bubble helmet and twin laser pistols
74. Scoundrel / smarmy charm / blaster and vest
75. Tech Savant / "Mr. Fix-it" / tool belt
76. Void Monk / inscrutably mysterious / robe with hood
77. Space Sorcerer-ess / imperious gaze / repository of mystical power (a locket, bracelet, box or...)
78. Spaceport Urchin / "... like the back of my hand" / strange memento of parents
81. Killbot / "Exterminate" / defective disintegration ray (only deals mortal wounds, no longer disintegrates)
82. Damsel / distress and deception / so many clothes, durable luggage
83. Bio-wizard / a flair for aberrations / jPad with a library of eugenics texts, diminutive mutant assistant
84. Irregular Militia / scrounging and jury-rigging / patched medium armour and rifle, memento of your sweetheart back home
85. Former Redshirt / calculated cowardice / military issue weapon and a red shirt folded up in your pack.
86. The Saviour / power of vague prophecy / mundane object of indiscernible power (meant to destroy the Dark One or lay low the greatest evil in the known universe)
87. Courtesan / persuasion and wiles / attire for any occasion
88. Roll twice. Combine the entries.


The Ten-foot Hearth

Inspired by musings in a +Kasper Blomdell DCC game, with +Jenna Kramer +Joshua Blackketter and +Richard Balmer

Pubs, taverns and inns across the realms are notoriously run by former adventurers. This is nothing new. The hearths of these adventurer-run taverns are often decorated with the shields and swords of these former warriors as a memento of their glory days. However, a new trend is overtaking the inns and taverns along the way. The ten-foot hearth is a powerful reminder of the near-miss, the party members lost, the strange traps of wizards and worse. Ten-foot poles are appearing with greater frequency above the hearth, a new replacement to the swords or spears or axes of old.
The Ten Foot Shop is always restocking shelves.

This table makes describing that ten-foot reminder all the easier.

  1. Eight-foot pole, yew: lightning-scarred and cleanly clipped at a slight angle at one end. Plaque reads: Beware the ways of Wizards and Djinn.
  2. Twelve-foot pole, oak: ivy continually grows from both ends of the pole filling the inn with the pleasant scent of small purple flowers. Plaque reads: For my beloved and her beloved grove
  3. Three three-and-a-quarter-foot poles, birch: Cleanly cut at each end. Plaque reads: Sometimes the trap is the set-up for the real trap.
  4. Ten-foot pole, bronze: Rows of tiny runic markings are etched in painstaking detail. Plaque reads: Beware the ways of wizards and gin.
  5. Fragments of pole, maple: Resting on a shelf above a copper urn. Inscription reads: X. D. C., esq.
  6. Ten-foot pole, walnut: Impeccable condition, completely unscarthed. Plaque reads: Lady Luck.
  7. Two five-foot poles, elm: linked by a short piece of iron chain. No plaque.
  8. Six-foot pole, pine: both ends appear to have been severely singed. Plaque reads: BeWare the Wayes of Ginne-Wizardes.
  9. Ten-foot pole, fur: the entire shaft is made of fur, unsettling yet pleasing to touch. Plaque reads: Cat-sorcerer… weird traps.
  10. One-and-a-half-foot pole, cherry: splintered tip remains. Plaque reads: The Unlucky Basterds
  11. Shards of mahogany: resting on a blue silk sheet are the remains. No plaque.
  12. Eleven-foot pole, chestnut: splintered, cracked, chipped, charred, but mostly intact. Plaque reads: The Wizard.


5e Character Sheet

A few months back I made some hand-drawn character sheets for 5e. They are hardly perfect and each time I have tried to perfect it, something has gone horribly wrong - like some Curse of the 5e Mummy. So I am putting up just one of them for now.

Anyway, enjoy!

5e Character Sheet