5e Race III: The Giff

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3. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the firearms as written. They are just dangerous crossbows at the moment, I will think on it and get the arquebuses up to snuff soon(ish).
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So... I present:

The Giff
Hippomen… in Spaaaaaaaace! (Some of the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime).

Giff serve as mercs, bodyguards, enforcers and shock troopers. They will work for anyone if the remuneration is reasonable. They take payment in the form of weapons, armour, magic technology and smoke powder. All giff attend military academies and usually consider military rank extremely important.
Giff adventurers generally look for fame and fortune in the form of war and weaponry. Giff bristle with armaments and passionately love new and interesting weapons.
In mercenary engagements, giff will not usually fight one another. Both sides will retire from the field for a day to discuss the situation. After field negotiation, which involves lots of drinking and rank sorting, both companies tend to quit their hirings and look for work elsewhere. On rare occasion, the two fighting outfits may band together to fight for one side.

Giff Names
Family names are usually less important to giff than their company or outfit name. Rank also tends to be extremely important.
Male Names: Raa, Seeko, Faras
Female Names: Rei, Kalbe, Avon
Established Giff Military Companies: The Red Flash, The Behemoth Blades, Frenzy’s Furies (an all female company, though it’s hard to tell the difference).

Giff Traits
Giff are broad, muscled and massive. They value strength and combat prowess. They respect the chain of command.
Ability Score Increase: Your Strength and Constitution scores increase by 2.
Age: Giff age much like humans, but do not enjoy old age. Many would prefer to die in glorious battle.
Alignment: Giff tend toward Lawful Neutral.
Size: Large
Height: 8’+2d6 inches. Weight: 360 +2d6 x height modifier result in pounds.
Speed: 30
Charging Headbutt: On a charging attack, a giff can make a powerful headbutt attack against the target. The headbutt deals 2d4+ Strength modifier damage, and the target must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC equal to attack roll) or be knocked prone. This attack requires 10 feet of running space.
Brawny Magic Resistance: Giff, stubbornly anti-magic, can shrug off a magical effect through brute force. When making a saving throw versus magic, a giff may make a Strength save in place of the original. This ability can not be used again until you have taken a long rest.
Giff Academy Training: Giff have advantage on History checks regarding heraldry, warfare or military tactics.
Giff Weapon Training: Giff are trained in the use of firearms and the weaponry of officers. All giff have proficiency with arquebuses and a martial melee weapon of choice (usually long sword or sabre).
Academy Armour Training: All giff have proficiency with light and medium armour. Due to their large size, armour costs are doubled for giff.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Giff.

Arquebus, Heavy: 1d12* piercing damage (ammunition, heavy, dangerous, loading)
Arquebus, Light: 1d10* piercing damage (ammunition, heavy, dangerous, loading)
Arquebus, Pistol 1d8* piercing damage (ammunition, light, dangerous, loading)
Ammunition: Shot and smoke powder (20 shots)
Shot is usually forged of iron or steel, however other metals have been used.
*Dangerous: these weapons deal grievous wounds, but are dangerous to the wielder as well. Roll two dice for damage and take the higher result. When an attack roll is a natural 1, these weapons malfunction dealing damage to the wielder instead.

If you prefer a good misfire table for firearms, check out:


Displacerklaus: Freelancer ships and crews

A Displacerklaus Request for +Michael Raston 

A d24/d12 generator for ships and crews: the ships are all linked to their wikipedia entries, culled from this excellent list of ships.
There are loads of great ship name generators, but I particularly enjoyed the results here.

Who sails these furious seas? The Elven nobles of the great xebec, Insanity Sprite. The bold dwarven expedition aboard the caravel, Immortal Sorceress.

Freelancer Ships and Crews

What are they sailing? (d24)
Who sails this ship? (d12)
  1. Elven nobles, searching for their ancient sunken island home.
  2. Halfling privateers, bear letters of marque from a distant monarch.
  3. Human crew guides a dwarven expedition to rich mountain island.
  4. Crew of the Damned, bound souls held by powerful water demon captain. Successful merchant vessel. Competitive rates.
  5. Lesser water elementals serve a powerful Siren captain. She preys on those who defile the great blue sea, which is pretty much everyone.
  6. Kraken expedition. These idiots are actually trying to catch one… alive.
  7. Whalers. Hunt rare “flying albino whale”.
  8. Gnomish Undersea Cartographer’s Society. Steam-powered ship, regardless of type.
  9. Mermen. They have a ship full of water. It is enchanted to fly through the air. They are really bad at piloting it.
  10. Mongrel crew. Remnants of several crews marooned or shipwrecked by the Siren.
  11. Deadites. Religious order dedicated to the protection of important sunken shrine. (Crew long dead, continues task fervently).
  12. Crew of one. Wizard seafarer created a number of clones to crew his ship.


5e Race II: The Illithids

Emerging from Darkness
Illithids are not born, they are made: a host body is implanted with a mature illithid larvae and transformed in a process known as ceremorphosis. The newly made illithid remembers little of its former life and only occasionally retains some quirk or behaviour from the original host.
An illithid pose-down party.
Illithids are not usually filled with the wanderlust that overcomes other races. Their path to adventure usually emerges out of service to or rebellion against an Elder Brain. Perhaps you are on a mission of some deep importance to your Elder Brain master or maybe you were part of a rebellion against the strictures of the community and feel that eating other humanoids (okay, even just the brains) is wrong. It is possible that you may be a rare Adversary illithid, which possesses all of the memories and personality of the original host body.
Whatever your reasons, you find yourself outside the safety of your community and in need of a very good disguise. Most up-worlders regard you with outright hate and disgust. They know the reputation of your kind and will usually be extremely hostile.

Illithid Names
Illithid names are widely varied and adopted from many cultures.
Male Names: Sangalor, Zoidberg, Chuul
Female Names: Marianne, K’thula, Geverstrem
Family Names: Illithids do not have families or clan identifiers. All illithids usually belong to an unnamed Elder Brain. Adversary illithids may resume the use of their pre-ceremophosis name.

Illithid Traits
Powerful minds are the hallmark of the illithid. They are mostly psions (currently wizards, I guess) or wizards, though clerics and fighters do exist among their ranks.
Thoons love to flex.
Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 2.
Age: As humans.
Alignment: Tend toward lawful evil.
Size: Medium
Height: 4’8”+2d10 inches. Weight: 100 +1d4 x height modifier result in pounds.
Speed: 30
Mind Bolt: As blast of psychic energy that briefly stuns foes.
Mind Blast: At level 9, the illithid has mastered the mind bolt and can now produce a cone of stunning mind energy.
Psychic Prowess: Intelligence is your ability for illithid psionic powers. Psionic save DC equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + intelligence modifier.
Telepathy: An illithid can communicate telepathically to any other intelligent creature within 100 feet.
Tentacles: Illithid tentacles are incredibly strong and are used in the feeding process, rending flesh and cracking skull to reveal tasty grey matter. You can you add your Intelligence modifier (instead of Strength) to grappling checks with tentacles. You may only grapple one creature at a time.
Extract: An illithid that has grappled a target can make an automatic extraction attack on the following turn. Extraction deals 1d6+Intelligence modifier damage as you dig into the head of the grappled victim seeking those sweet sweet brains. Extraction will instantly kill an unconscious victim.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of the underfolk (drow, kuo-toa, undercommon). Illithids have no spoken language of their own, but they do have elaborate body language based upon the movements of their tentacles and the hissing and gnashing of their maw.
Subrace: There are two types of illithid: the mind flayer which is more numerous and the thoon, which is rare.

Mind Flayer
Devious and cruel, keepers of thralls. Psychic sensitives.
Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2.
Sense Thoughts: This power acts like a radar ping, other creatures may not realize that you are near but they will feel uneasy as your probe for their thoughts. The Mind Flayer can make an Intelligence check to detect the presence of intelligent creatures (Int 5+) within 100 feet. This does not detect other forms of unintelligent life. Intelligent creatures can resist detection with a contested roll of Wisdom or Charisma. (DMs should always roll several times, regardless of the presence of intelligent life). This power acts like a radar ping, other creatures may not realize that you are near but they will feel uneasy.
Read Thoughts: The mind flayer can attempt to read the thoughts of one creature it can see within 30 feet. The target creature makes a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, you can read the target’s surface thoughts for 1 minute. During that minute, you have advantage on Charisma (deception) checks to deceive the target and Wisdom (insight) checks to sense the target’s intentions.
Enthralling Charm: A mind flayer can enslave the mind of another creature. You can cast Charm Person (DC equal to 8+proficiency bonus+intelligence modifier). This spell can not be cast again until you have had a short or long rest.

Physically powerful, built for combat and protection. Trained in the construction of psychic weaponry and body manipulation.
Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Psychic Shield: A thoon with a free hand can construct a shield of psychokinetic force. This shield improves AC by 2 and doesn’t require proficiency to use.
Psychic Weapon: A thoon can manifest a weapon of psychokinetic force.  This weapon can take any shape (and has all the properties of such a weapon). The weapon requires proficiency to be wielded effectively. When inspired (using inspiration), you can imbue the weapon with +1 magical bonus for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier. (You give up the advantage roll in favour of the +1 bonus to rolls).

Mind Bolt
0 level cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: None, occasional somatic components.
Duration: Instant
A surging bolt of psychic energy lashes out at the target, very briefly stunning them. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, it takes 1d8 psychic damage and can not use reaction abilities until the start of your next turn. This power increases by 1d8 damage at 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8) and 17th level (4d8).

Mind Blast
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet, cone
Components: None, occasional somatic components.
Duration: Instant
A stunning wave of psychic energy blasts each target in the area of effect, assaulting the mind and causing extreme mental anguish. Targets make a Intelligence saving throw (DC equal to 8+proficiency bonus+intelligence modifier). On a failed save, targets suffer 2d6 damage and are stunned for 1 minute. On a successful save, targets take half damage and are not stunned. However, the target can not use reaction abilities until the start of your next turn. Stunned targets make saving throws each round to overcome the stunned condition.
Once you complete a short or long rest, you may use this power again.

Everything you need to know about illithids
5e Psionicist at Cross Planes
Art credits sadly unknown... Google Fu... you have failed me again.


The Collected 5e Homebrew Index

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Google Doc!
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The Collected 5e Homebrew Index

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Evangelist of Torment at games with others (so many creepy eyes... a Devil monster)


Mind Blast by Will Doyle (Winner of the D&D Next adventure contest at EnWorld)

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